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Krysteline is a provider of bespoke solutions to the materials processing industry. Centred around its unique Implosion systems; developed for the quick, efficient and cost effective size reduction of a wide range of materials: including glass, ceramics, minerals, ores and furnace slags. The unique ability of the Imploders to impart energy into the target material whilst exerting a limited effect onto the associated materials allows the feedstock to be separated quickly and easily post process.

The Imploders are complimented by associated technology such as screeners and materials separators which add value to the processed material streams. Krysteline’s market leading technology and focus aims to close the materials processing loop by linking the feedstock and end markets together.

Krysteline’s Imploder range includes low cost commercial units that reduce waste collection costs and minimise storage through to high performance Imploders capable of processing and purifying material to an extremely high standard.

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