What is Implosion?
Discovery of Implosion
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Innovators in Glass Reprocessing

Implosion is a mechanically induced high-speed process that transfers energy into the glass feedstock resulting in the destruction of glass whilst rendering it sharp free.

Implosion does not grind, mill, hammer or flail the glass, therefore the high wear typically associated with traditional glass processors is vastly reduced. Implosion naturally produces a range of fraction sizes from approximately 0.2mm up to 16mm. The size range can be varied towards smaller or larger fractions.

The Benefits of Implosion

Imploded glass is sharp free and safe to handle.

Container, flat, toughened, heat-treated, double and triple glazed, bullet proof, CRT and some types of laminated glass can all be Imploded.

Implosion densifies container glass to 15% of its original volume thus reducing storage space and transport movements compared to bottle bank storage.

Implosion is “tuned” to only process glass, therefore non-glass objects such as bottle tops, labels, corks, and straws, pass through untouched allowing them to be easily screened off enabling the glass to used for a variety of new applications.

Full sealed bottles can be Imploded thus saving disposal time with faulty or “out of date stock”.

Imploded glass is sharp free and sub-angular making it an ideal blast abrasive for surface preparation.

As Imploded glass is not abraded it retains a smooth shiny surface giving it high percolation and low bio-fowling characteristics beneficial in water filtration applications.

Imploded cullet can be more easily colour sorted for the re-melt industry.

The process has a lower power requirement compared to traditional “high torque” glass crushers.